Digital Decoupling Layer

Digital Decoupling Layer (DDL) is BeyonDoc’s suite module developed to decouple Document Composition and print functionalities, on the one hand, and capabilities concerning powering, processing, and streaming of data coming from on-line or scheduled vertical sources, on the other.

This tool facilitates the introduction and adoption of BeyonDoc’s documentary platform by inserting an adjustable and maintainable layer allowing the ingestion of different data formats and the definition and execution of rules for the forwarding and automatic selection of templates. The solution has been conceived to be highly secure and accessible in terms of user experience.


  • A multi-language, unified gateway compatible with inputs having different formats.
  • A Business Rules Management System (BRMS) which determines the templates and output formats to be adopted according to the incoming data and to a routing and forwarding layer.
  • An editing interface dedicated to IT and Design teams for the definition of rules.
  • Auditing and traceability of business events.


  • It simplifies the adoption and the introduction of BeyonDoc’s suite in terms of System Integration.
  • It facilitates document forwarding, handling and generation rules thanks to a simple, effective, and reuse-oriented editing console.

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