Content Manager

This module provides full control over all contents and objects, including their mutual interrelations. The watchword: standardization, in order to achieve the highest degree of efficiency.

The Content Manager module constitutes the repository of all objects, contents, images, logos, and templates which will form the documents. It provides all the necessary features for the creation, management, and update of templates over time: classification, archiving, versioning, test management, media storage, audit functions, test automation, full versioning, and publishing in the various operational and production environments.


Media Repository:
It counts, classifies, and maps media usage and usability among the different objects of the template.

State machine:
It customizes the management of processing statuses in the CMS according to each organization.

Test Management:
Thanks to a central repository of test cases and automatic compare functions, it enables the automation of test stages regarding changes in models and non-regression tests linked to the release of new applicative components of the platform.

It guarantees full control over events and actions that users or processes carry out on different objects of the platform.

Full Versioning:
Every single object of the template is put through versioning in order to ensure its reproducibility on a given date.

Company data:
The module centralizes data associated with the customer’s legal entities so that any change is made outside of templates. Because of this fundamental feature, any potential rebranding activity becomes simple and immediate.

Module Catalog:
It gives business roles easy access to facsimiles of the different versions of the templates.


  • It covers each management feature of on-demand and massive documentation.
  • It creates one central archive for all specific or cross-functional (i.e., shared by different business areas) templates.
  • It enables an external control to modules concerning all contents through interrelationship of elements and advanced search functions.
  • It enables versioning and provides a history of all documents.
  • It allows users to monitor all stages of the life cycle of a template.


The limitless customization opportunities provided by BeyonDoc’s editor

A drawing editor to be used to produce images, texts and logical components of the documentary templates. Embedded in the Content Manager, this module allows to create simple documents as well as complex and multi-legal entity modular contracts.

The platform editor lets you manage documents both in a traditional, “Office-style” mode and in a “Lego-style” mode, based on the usage of textblocks. By doing this, it is possible to seamlessly reuse components shared by different templates, such as personal details, recurring clauses or privacy terms and conditions.


  • It creates layouts and the graphic aspect of templates.
  • It sets up fields where the module data will be filled in.
  • It manages the static, dynamic or recursive import logic of textblock objects.
  • It handles duplicates in a dynamic way.

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