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Our method, our philosophy

For over 20 years, we have been working on digitization to virtuously act on the relationship between production and environment by eliminating the physical printing of contracts and policies and transforming communication methods to promote sustainable processes and methodologies for companies and the environment.

The project “Plastic River” project

Even if document dematerialization enables us to save valuable resources by reducing the impact of companies and productive processes on the environment, a crucial role in promoting environmental sustainability is played by the diffusion of information and awareness raising.

This is the reason why, since 2018, Studioform has been fostering the production of documentaries on the environment like “Plastic River”, which the magazine Panorama included “among the five movies on the environment which need to be seen”.

The project

The documentary “Plastic River” is dedicated to the commitment of a young man from Milano, Italy, who every year goes kayaking in the lakes and rivers of Lombardy to clean them from increasing quantities of plastic waste.
In his journey, he emphasizes the beauty of places as opposed to the decline which plastic pollution and negligence towards the environment have contributed to, thus encouraging the viewers’ awareness.

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The issue

In 2015 Jenna Jambeck, Professor of Environmental Engineering at the University of Georgia, calculated that, every year, approximately 4.8 to 12.7 million tons of non-recycled plastic end up in the sea (source: National Geographic). Most of this garbage does not come from ships, but is abandoned in rivers or lakes and, subsequently, reaches seas and oceans.

The goal

The goal of this documentary is to raise awareness among a vast number of people concerning the real and immediate issue of plastic pollution and how it is spoiling our waters and our territory. At last, this emergency has been recognized also by the media, but this consciousness needs to be followed by prompt solutions.

“Montagne di plastica” and the pollution of glaciers

“Montagne di plastica” (“Mountains of plastic”) is the short film that, starting from July 2020, follows the journey of a group of academic researchers from Università degli Studi di Milano working on glacier sampling inside Stelvio National Park. Their research aims at detecting the presence of microplastics and determining the level of contamination and its impact on the territory.

The purpose of “Montagne di plastica” is to document the whole research journey in order to showcase its value and provide a tool to help the mission be known by as many people as possible, but also give prominence to this fully Italian research, the first worldwide on the topic.

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The awards

“Plastic River” has received several awards and recognition at a national and international level and took part in many cultural events,
including “Fridays for Future” at Triennale, Milano (Italy).

Furthermore, “Plastic River” has opened the World Earth Day at the “San Diego Italian Film Festival”,
in the United States, and has been included among the 41 most influential documentaries on the environment worldwide by Earth.org.

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