Digital Archiving

This module allows the archiving of all documents resulting from Document Composition processes, both massive and on-demand, through advanced functionalities of metadata management and file compression.

This module combines different technologies functional to the acquisition, transformation, handling, archiving, and publishing processes of all data flows (either document-, report- or image-based).

It can act as a specialized Enterprise Information Portal or support and feed company portals as a result of its capability to extract and distribute information coming from other proprietary systems, databases, BI products, and ERP systems.

The integration in the Security System allows to define, profile, and control data access by users in a flexible but accurate way, and the users themselves have solid tools for navigating and searching for information they are interested in.

The two distinctive elements are: scalability and speed of extraction of documents.

The outstanding flexibility of the platform allows to serve millions of Internet users by guaranteeing the ability to search for and download PDF documents in the range of a second, even in case of massive download activities (over 300.000 documents per day).

PDFs are stored after having been optimised using a proprietary technology which, by reducing document sizes, generates a 90% storage saving.

Files are then made available to users through an interface or returned after a webservice call coming from company applications.

Archiving potentialities per single installation:

  • 500 million documents per year
  • Over 7 billion stored documents (in 70 TB of space)

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