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The R.E.D. (Rapid Evolution of Documents) platform has been designed and developed according to a series of key principles which enable a rapid and intuitive usage accompanied by a vast selection of functionalities and applications.

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A cloud native model

The architecture and tech stack support distribution and installation onPrivate (On-Premise), Hybrid andPublic Cloud infrasructuresso that our customers can choose where to house data and Document Composition processes.

This principle is backed by the platform distribution through tecnologia Docker OCI and the installability on Kubernetes orchestrators (Red Hat OpenShift, Google Anthos, Google GCP, Azure AKS, Amazon AKS, IBM IKS, etc.). The advantages of choosing a cloud native model and micro-services are not limited to portability and data governance, but also include scalability, performance and security of the platform and its modules.


The platform offers developers, operators and business players useful information through technology allowing the creation and visualization of dashboard, KPIs, and metricsand the integration in third-party solutions used by the customer (Log Management, APM & E2E Monitoring, Data Analytics, etc.).

Such observability is guaranteed by the adoption of Distributed Tracing and Log Analytics / Management approaches.


The installation, update and distribution of the platform, as well as of its byproducts (templates, modules, etc.), can be integrated with the infrastructural (IaaC, Immutable and GitOps) and applicative (SDLC & DevOps) automation processes of the customer.

Security by Design

The software was designed to be secure in terms of features (IAM, RBAC, Secrets Management) and in terms of implementation of the platform development through OWASP methodology and code testing by SAST and DevSecOps.

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