The results of good communication

Good communication allows to forge solid relationships. And BeyonDoc has been putting this into practice for over 20 years while working on documentary processes with a focus on Document Composition and Digital Archiving.

years of experience in the IT sector
experts, with an average age of 33
25 +
customers among banks and insurance companies
mln digital documents handled per month

Our mission

We simplify content and communication management between companies and customers by laying strong foundations for a transparent and long-standing relationship. But how? By accelerating the digitization process along the whole documentary value chain, by optimizing costs and performances and by following companies in the gradual adoption of cloud infrastructures and AI in full compliance with privacy and security requirements.

Our vision

We strive to demolish all communication barriers using innovative digital solutions and we want to contribute to a more integrated, more environmentally friendly and more accessible world. In a nutshell, to a fairer world. We believe we can improve the life of other people and companies by putting technological development at the service of credible relationships, trust and transparency, and we are convinced that this great transformation journey will lead to prompter communications as exchanges will be focused, clear and usable.

Solutions for Finance, PA, and Industry

Banking and insurance are our main specialization areas: for over 25 years, we have been having daily discussions with marketing, Legal & Compliance, and IT departments to transform sales opportunities and regulatory obligations into networking occasions by choosing a simple and direct communication, also as far as PA and Industry are concerned.

Our customers

Our challenge continues with them: every day, we assist them in building valuable relationships.

Our team

Andrea Vergani
Gianluca Biffi
Giulia Biffi
Guido Vicino
Nicolo Romani
Paola Dalla Giovanna
Patrizia Baschirotto
Riccardo Ambrosio
Valentina Del Pra
Emilio Vergani
Carlo Giacomelli

BeyonDoc is part of Step Group’s Digital Hub, offering solutions, software, and services for the Digital Transformation of companies in the Finance field.

Step Group’s Business Unit is devoted to Digital Transformation through Data Management, Data Monetization, Document Composition and Cybersecuritysolutions, with the coordination of a best-in-class System Integration capacity.
Besides BeyonDoc, Step’s Digital Hub includes:
Brain Management, Datalabs, Cybersel.

BeyonDoc S.r.l.
P.Iva 02268980139
Via Lega Insurrezionale, 3
22100 – Como

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The Step Group.

BeyonDoc is a digital company of the Digital Hub of Step Group, a driver of innovation in the Finance field which aims at promoting and accelerating the Digital Transformation journey.

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