Beyond Document Composition with R.E.D.,
BeyonDoc’s new platform.

Simple, adjustable, intuitive. Thanks to our platform, you can manage your Document Composition, Digital Archiving, and Distribution processes in a single, cloud native digital place.

The whole documentary process
in one place.

Our platform originates from our extensive experience in Finance and is designed for those realities which need to manage documentation created at the initiative of the customer and the company. This goes from creation to distribution and document archiving. And since BeyonDoc owns all applicative assets’ IPRs, no third-party user licenses are needed.

As far as international companies are concerned, everything is under control: we manage documentary processes in multiple languages and countries. Furthermore, our collaborative software allows to coordinate different work teams.

Communication beyond documents

Six modules focused on six different needs, customizable and easy to integrate.


Content Manager

This module provides full control over all contents and objects, including their mutual interrelations.

Digital Decoupling Layer

A module developed to decouple Document Composition and print functionalities, on the one hand, and powering, processing, and data streaming capabilities, on the other.

On-demand documents

A single tool for business Document Composition. A single station to handle several formats and a multitude of data.

Massive communications

Thanks to this module, the platform can be considered a single tool for Document Composition for both on-demand documents and batch documents.

Output Channel Manager

This module aims at optimizing (print and digital) documentary processes targeted at customers.

Digital Archiving

This module allows the archiving of all documents resulting from Document Composition processes.

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