On-demand documents

The platform is a single tool for business Document Composition for both on-demand documents and batch documents. A single station to handle several formats and a multitude of data.

Management of dynamic documents (modular contracts and policies)
It generates customized documents by dynamically including objects and sections according to rules established in the template and data sent from the system.


Multi-format generation of documents (RTF, PDF, HTML, PDF/A 1b)
The same template leads to the final document generation in different formats, depending on the channel chosen.


Dossier management and document assembling
It takes documents generated by solutions external to the organization and imports them into documentary dossiers with indexes and multiple and dynamic numbering systems.


Metadata management
It allows to include in the PDF data and parameters functional to the management of processes following the Document Composition step, such as indexes for documentary archiving, navigation anchors inside the document and more.


Paperless management of signature fields
It sets up standard signbox items in the PDF which are universally recognized by signature procedures and useful for the integration of digital signature and advanced electronic signature processes.


Linear barcode and 2D barcode managemen
It adds barcodes to your documents in compliance with rules and data specified in the template.


Dynamic management of charts

  • It enables a runtime generation of charts based on the data.
  • It allows the on-line completion of documents thanks to web forms and the generation of editable PDFs.
  • It solves all issues linked to non-integrated forms with business applications capable of collecting all the necessary data for document finalization.


Direct generation
This is the most frequently used document generation method in Finance and Insurance fields The program runs as service in response to the call by the software and produces documents in the format specified in the XML file sending them back to the caller and triggering the following actions (depending on how the different business processes are structured):

  • Visualization of the document on browser
  • Unattended print
  • Transfer of the document to documentary archiving
  • Recall of the graphometric or digital signature process
  • Metadata saving in a database

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