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PDF Documents Accessibility is a legal obligation, the deadline for which is set for 28 JUNE 2025 for all Italian companies that provide digital services to customers!

AGID guidelines

PAM – PDF Accessibility Manager

PDF Accessibility Manager is BeyonDoc’s software that converts all PDFs into Accessible Documents in semi-automatic mode.

• PDF/UA Standard Compliant
• Identification of document elements: text, images, tables…
• Multilanguage support
• Auto-compilation of metadata: title, language…
• Text sorting
• Exclusion of non-significant margins

BeyonDoc approach to PDF Documents Accessibility



The use of PAM allows:

• to comply with accessibility requirements from the very first moment

• to avoid manual changes to non-urgent templates

• to focus on the most relevant templates



The majority of PDF documents are generated from a small minority of templates.
The native conversion, with manual intervention directly on the templates by BeyonDoc resources, allows you to reach high quality levels, for better accessibility of PDF documents.

BeyonDoc Accessibility Competence Center

Accessibility Competence Center – Services & Solutions


• 40+ specialized resources dedicated to the creation of Accessible PDF Documents
• Assessment
• Remediation
• Automatic Tests
• Subjective checks (with listening tests)
• “Tailored” approach to specific needs
• Different tools and methodologies to support project activities

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